One of the many reasons that we proudly partner with KEVIN.MURPHY, is their commitment to the environment through eco-focused initiatives. For example, KEVIN.MURPHY is the first beauty brand to offer packaging made with 100% ocean waste plastic. In doing so, they will save a projected 360 tons of plastic from the ocean each year. 360 […]

Spring Is In the Hair!

There may still be snow on the ground  in Michigan, but there are sure signs of spring everywhere. The sun is shining brighter, the birds are chirping, the flowers are bravely lifting their heads and people are ready to change their hair. We have endured a long, hard winter, here in the Midwest. We’re cold, […]

A Spencer Gellise Salon Turns Fourteen

A Spencer Gellise Salon turns fourteen on March 30, 2018 and we are ready to celebrate! Each year, as our anniversary approaches, I am filled with gratitude that we’ve had the privilege of yet another year of seeing our vision come to fruition.   I’ll never forget the first time we set foot in our […]